Brown onion variety trial. Prueba de variedades de cebolla

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Ramírez-Guerrero Hugo, Pérez Martha Cecilia, Sinipata Sisilia and Lautaini Mateo. 2014. Brown onion variety trial. Field report of Nishi Farm. (4 pages). Tonga.

"Prueba de variedades de cebolla. Tongatapu, Tonga. Isla del Pacifico Sur" 

Onion is an important crop in tropical environments. While there have been some local experience, this high-value crop is still not well produced in Tonga conditions. Though onions are best adapted to subtropical and temperate areas, tropical countries grow about 30% of the world’s onions. The developing onion plant goes through a sequence of distinct morphological phases, which occur in response to environmental conditions, the two most important factors being day length and temperature. Onions are well known to be physiologically “long-day” plants for bulbing. However, some cultivars when grown in the tropics, where the photoperiod changes little and is around 12 h throughout the year do form bulbs. Nowadays, we do find several seed catalogues with enough information on the onion descriptions enable to choose the appropriate onion varieties for each own latitude.